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Dry wall installation

Dry wall installation is the best solution for you

There are mainly two types of walls in a house – load bearing walls and non-load bearing walls. Both have their own significance while load bearing walls are the ones that act as a support for the roof, floor or the other wall above that and the non-load bearing walls act just the partition. We, at London Local Builder, have brought to you the solution of dry wall installation for the non-load bearing walls.
This effective partition solution is able to meet up all types of performance requirements.

Dry Wall installation london


The dry wall that we install is really light weight but strong enough to offer the required firmness to the house and these are easy to be installed as well. But, you would always need the assistance of the professional contractors and that’s why London Local Builder is here for you. Let’s find out the features of the stud walls:

Dry Wall installation before & after
  • It’s versatile, lightweight and easy to install
  • Almost the full range of the boards can be used
  • Available in various sizes to meet sector specific requirements
  • Little components are needed to construct
  • Such stud walls are budget friendly

Our team

We take the pride in saying that we have an excellent team of professionals who are experienced and skilled for dry wall installation and other jobs. Their expertise also extends in painting, plumbing, flooring and all the jobs that are important for building constructions.
It is guaranteed that you do not have to face any kind of disappointment by hiring us. We promise to provide you with the best dry wall installation service in all over London. If you want to know anything more or want to take some opinion about any of our services, feel free to mail us.